He asked Moscow to refrain from sanctions Rogozin

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon has asked Russia not to impose sanctions in response to the announcement by Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata. About this he wrote on Saturday on his page on Facebook after a meeting with the Russian politician.

“I asked our Russian partners to refrain from measures and sanctions that will affect and will hit the interests of ordinary citizens and economic agents”, — Igor Dodon.

He noted that the decision of the Moldovan government aimed at “undermining the efforts of the presidents of Moldova and Russia for the return of the strategic dialogue and partnership”.

Rogozin declared persona non grata at the meeting of the Moldovan government on Wednesday. This provoked criticism in Moscow.

Commenting on the meeting with Rogozin in Tehran, Dodon stressed that it was “very good and constructive”.

“I look forward to continued dialogue with Dmitry Olegovich as co-chair of the intergovernmental Commission and the special representative of the Russian President for Transnistria”, — Igor Dodon.

Dodon assured that will block all possible legal means any attempt by the ruling Democratic party to sabotage and destroy the bilateral relations between Moscow and from chişinău.

In Iran, Rogozin was sent on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He heads the Russian delegation at the inauguration ceremony of President Hassan Rohani.