After a mosquito bite German lost both legs and arms

Resident of the German city of Cologne amputated both legs and left forearm after a mosquito bite. About it reports the edition of the K├Âlner Express.

43-year-old Sonia Kuyas (Sonja Kujas) worked as a cleaner. In March, she took out the trash, and she was bitten by a mosquito. According to Zoni, on the site of the bite there was a bump, then she felt the aching joints, the dizziness started. A colleague called an ambulance.

After examination in hospital the doctors sent the woman home, however, her condition worsened and her husband was forced again to bring her to the hospital. The patient is in a coma, her limbs began to turn black.

The doctors had to amputate her both legs and forearm. Physicians believe that the mosquito can get infected by the bite that led to blood poisoning.