Three Chechens in Poland was sentenced to prison on terrorism charges

The building of the district court of białystok

The district court in białystok (Poland) sentenced three citizens of Russia claiming that they are Chechens in prison. On it informs TV channel TVN24.

We are talking about the period of two years and one month. Initially, the accused were four, but one of them were acquitted.

The prosecution claimed that the men involved in the activities prohibited in Russia grouping “Islamic state”, in particular its Russian subsidiary “Caucasus Emirate”, and collected money for terrorism financing. The defense argued that they are innocent and that the funds were intended for the supporters of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

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All the defendants were detained by the internal security Agency of Poland two years ago. The court concluded them into custody. In the spring of this year, the measure of restraint was changed to house arrest.

At the beginning of July in Italy was detained a native of Chechnya Ali Bamataliev. He was accused of preparing a terrorist act in Belgium. Studying his phone calls, police found out that he convinced one of his two wives to be a suicide bomber.