The media learned about plans of terrorists to push the “Peregrine” with the help of Shoe

Seven alleged terrorists from Central Asia, who were detained in late July, wanted to commit a terrorist act on the railway tracks near the station “Farforovskaya” in Saint-Petersburg. As have informed 47news in law enforcement, the goal was to train “Sapsan”.

According to the publication, a few weeks before the arrest, the criminals established in the way of high-speed trains Moscow — St. Petersburg design similar to the Shoe (or boots) that fits under the wheel pair for fixing the composition. The terrorists hoped that the train would fly up and hit in the counter “Sapsan”.

“Given that the speed of the trains at least 150 kilometers per hour, the total speed run for thousands of passengers two “Peregrine” would be lethal 300 kilometers per hour,” writes 47news.

However, the attack did not happen: the train only got damage due to foreign object on the rails. The plan didn’t work because of engineering ignorance: instead of pin the Shoe a steel rod, the suspects used two bolts. As a result of “Sapsan” demolished the structure.

After the failure, the idea of a battering RAM of a certain object of railway infrastructure at KAMAZ. After receiving information about such intentions, the criminals were detained.

Allegedly, the group also gathered to organize terrorist attacks before the confederations Cup soccer (held on 17 June — 2 July) and the Day of the Navy (July 30).

On 28 July, the FSB of Russia reported about detention of seven suspects in the preparation of terrorist acts in St. Petersburg. According to intelligence agencies, the attack was prepared in railway transport and in places of a mass congestion of people. Details were not disclosed.