The government will promote the rejection of abortion

The government will promote the rejection of abortion

The government plans to reduce the number of abortions by 2025, almost 30%, from the priority project of the Cabinet. The white house is going to fight abortion with the help of propaganda.

Against abortion

The white house plans to reduce the number of abortions in eight years by almost 30% — from 20.5 cases per 1 million women of childbearing age in 2017 to 16 in 2025. This is stated in a government-approved passport of the priority project “formation of a healthy way of life.” The document published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers on 7 August, Monday.

The document does not specify the specific mechanisms through which the government expects to achieve these targets — in the passport is mentioned only “propaganda of rejection of abortion.” How exactly to be promoted, it is not clear, but in the project implementation plan stipulates that by 1 March 2018, the Cabinet will launch an information and communications campaign for the formation of a “‘healthy behavior, including the preservation of reproductive health”.

What will be the campaign against abortion, the health Ministry and the Deputy Prime Minister for social issues Olga Golodets is not explained. RBC expects a response from the Minister and the relevant Ministry.

One propaganda the issue of reducing abortions is not to solve, says the first Deputy Chairman of Committee on health protection state Duma Sergey Furgal. He offered to prescribe a mechanism to support pregnant women in difficult situations, for example, to provide tangible support to women to support their decision to give birth.

Chairman of the Moscow city scientific society of physicians Pavel Vorobiev called propaganda of rejection of abortion “clerical way,” noting that the document says nothing about the promotion of literacy and contraception.

Just a program for a healthy lifestyle, the government is going 3.5 billion RUB 441 million roubles in the first three years and 2.6 billion rubles in the next five. How much of that money will go to anti-abortion, not specified in the document. Did not specify this information and the Ministry of health.