The government decided to turn the Russians in supporters of HLS

The government intends to increase the share of adherents of a healthy way of life among Russians up to 50 percent by 2020. This is stated in a government-approved passport of the priority project “Formation of healthy lifestyle”, published on the website of the Cabinet.

According to the document, if in 2017 there are 36 percent of the supporters of healthy lifestyles, by 2025 their share is expected to increase to 60 percent.

“The project aims to increase the number of citizens who responsibly related to their health and leading a healthy lifestyle, including those who are systematically engaged in physical culture and sports”, — the document says. It is noted that its implementation should lead to reduced consumption of alcohol and tobacco products, as well as improving legislation in the field of advertising of alcohol, tobacco, and malnutrition.

Among the measures that are planned, the publication on useful products insignia, support non-profit organizations that promote healthy eating, and promotion of the rejection of abortion.

Earlier it was reported that the strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population in 2025 was proposed to prohibit Smoking VAPI and electronic cigarettes in public places, to restrict all forms of advertising of junk food, sweets and carbonated drinks and also indicate on the bottle the maximum allowable daily dose of alcohol in milliliters.