The funeral of the “one window”

The funeral of the “one window”

The ritual experience of Moscow proposed to extend to the whole country.
Vladimir Putin instructed to increase the quality and availability of funeral services, in fact, proposing to spread Moscow’s experience of their provision for the whole of Russia. In the capital, in the organization of graves is actively involved the government, which, however, does not solve the problem of grey agents. Their turnover in the country reaches 120-150 billion rubles.

“B” acquainted with the list of instructions for improving the accessibility and quality of funeral services, which President Vladimir Putin gave to the government. The basis of the list lay down the audit of performance of the relevant legislation that was conducted by the presidential control Directorate in the first half of 2017.

Instructions imply free services for burial within the guaranteed list on the principle of “one window” with the use of a number of pension insurance.

Among other tasks — inventory of active and abandoned cemeteries, and creating a common approach to the provision of funeral services around the country (the creation of specialized services, valuation services, registration of citizens responsible for the place of burial). Also, the President expects that the government will finish the development of the law on the funeral business. In a press-service of the government confirmed the receipt of instructions by forwarding other issues to the Ministry of construction. There on request “b” did not answer.

Problem of funeral services today boil down to inconsistency of actions of authorities, lack of uniform standards of services and an obsolete legal framework (the market is regulated by the law of 1996), reported in the materials control Department of the President. They noticed that from budgets of different levels on social benefits for burial (within the guaranteed list) is annually allocated RUB 20 billion, the market Volume of paid services three times more — 60 billion rubles (Rosstat data for 2015).

In most regions, created the conditions for the provision of funeral services within the guaranteed list. Not necessary to inform the public, in each the sixth region, there are no specialized services that can provide services (often their functions are performed by a private business or institution in the field of transport and heating). Those who have decided to use the guaranteed list, to be processed more than five documents in different instances. There are regions where the cost of the package is not installed, in other different are its cost and the amount of the benefit payable for reimbursement.

Quality funeral services within the guaranteed list may be different even in the same region.

“In the Komi Republic, in the urban districts of Syktyvkar, Sosnogorsk and Ukhta, provided neubitogo a wooden coffin, and in the municipal districts of the Priluzje and Ust-Kulom — wood coffin, draped” — gives the example of the presidential control Directorate. The differences are in the organization of cargo handling works-instead of the specialized services performed by relatives.

All this led to the fact that the market of ritual services is growing, the share of the gray agent, which is 10-15 times more expensive. The amount of this unaccounted segment of services in the control and management is estimated at 120-150 billion rubles.

To solve the problems associated with the current practice of reserving places for disposal on a fee basis (in some cases worth more than RUB 1 million), you need to create a commercial cemetery, considered the control control. Another problem there is the absence of a complete list of burial places. According to the Ministry of construction in Russia of 80 thousand cemeteries, and given the abandoned and derelict, this figure is several times higher.

These problems in the field of funeral services common to the whole country, said President of the Union of funeral organizations and funeral services of Moscow Andrey Stoskov. “But based on the experience of the capital in this area hard to believe in the effectiveness of the proposed measures,” he says. Moscow specialized services historically have funeral services at the stage of organization of the funeral (the cemetery gate) and on the guaranteed list (the amount in this year about 16 thousand rubles). In the capital, has its own law regulating the market of funeral services, which if successful implementation was planned to scale within the country. There are also urban enterprise GBU “Ritual” that has become almost a monopoly of the market. “None of these measures did not help to solve the problem of the grey agents” — says Mr. Stokow. The percentage of orders processed by them, is estimated at 80%.

Yekaterina Gerashchenko