Rogozin said the cancellation of privileges for foreign aircraft manufacturers from 2019

Russia intends to actively develop its own aircraft industry and from 2019 to proceed to the abolition of privileges to foreign aircraft manufacturers. As reported by RIA Novosti, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in the program “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to him, currently Russia produces 30 aircraft per year, which is 25 times less than each of the world’s largest producers, the European Airbus and the American Boeing. “But in 2025, given our plans, we will produce 110 aircraft per year. The Soviet Union produced 75 aircraft — we will be releasing 110”, — he said.

As a second measure of support Rogozin called the abolition of benefits that are now granted to foreign aircraft manufacturers. “Already, consider, 2019. Our first aircraft, we hope, will go in the series. Is the MS-21”, — said the Vice-Premier, adding that the aircraft will be cheaper than their foreign counterparts by about 20 percent.

According to Rogozin, Russia now spends a lot of money on the purchase and leasing of foreign aircraft. In addition, losing money that could get from taxes paid by foreign aircraft manufacturers. “From 2013 to the present time we have bought abroad 367 foreign aircraft. It’s Boeing and Airbus. Moreover, due to the fact that our industry produced civilian aircraft, in order to support their national companies, we foreign producers exempt from VAT and from customs duties,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

“So we, being on the needle of foreign aviation industry, spend and pay abroad 470 billion rubles,” — said Rogozin, noting that further this situation can not continue. “It is an insult just for the nation, an insult to aviation power. We couldn’t stand. That is why decisions were made. The President from his personal reserve allocated at our request funds to create new aircraft,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting on the development of aviation in the framework of the International aerospace salon MAKS-2017, said that to support domestic civil aircraft manufacturing in 2017 is planned to allocate 60 billion rubles.