Refuted the main reason of the origin of man

Refuted the main reason of the origin of man

Scientists from George Washington University in the US have come to the conclusion that climate change was not the driving force of human evolution, according to many experts. The emergence of the ancient people, according to their opinion, could have happened by chance. Article scientists published in the journal Paleobiology. Briefly about it reported in a press release on the website

The genus Homo, to which modern man arose to 2.5−2.8 million years ago, when there was an outbreak of speciation. It is believed that this was possible thanks to global climate change. This eliminates some habitat, and there were others that provoke the emergence of new species. However, American scientists simulated the evolutionary development of life on Earth without the influence of external factors.

It turned out that in the evolution of the flare speciation can occur by chance. While the scale of it comparable to the one that led to the emergence of man.

According to researchers, this indicates that the genus Homo could occur without the participation of climate change.

Scientists believe that future research should help to determine the exact causes of certain human traits, such as large brain.