Pamfilova said that it was ready to


RIA Novosti

The Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova ready for criticism, which can be heard in it “day and night”, and is not afraid that any decision of the Central election Commission cast her shadow.

On Friday at session of the Commission considered the complaint of the candidate from the Communist party for the post of the head of Buryatia, member of the Federation Council Vyacheslav Marhaeva on refusal in registration on elections. CEC has prepared the decision about refusal in satisfaction of the complaint.

Head of legal services Communist party Vadim Solovyov said that the refusal to register Marhaeva “will lead to the fact that the Communist party elections in Buryatia Republic does not recognize, the growth of protest moods in the country.” “Will start the activation of radical elements in the Communist party, which at the next plenary session will certainly raise the question of why we participate in the gubernatorial election, when our passing candidates are not allowed to vote. And, of course, Willy-nilly, it will throw a shadow on the Chairman of the Central election Commission and the Central election Commission, and, Willy-nilly, on the upcoming presidential elections,” he said.

“About the shadow – I’m already in the shadows, soon I will sling mud from morning to evening, I’m ready for this, but I don’t want to cave in under any way,” retorted Pamfilova.

She noted that the CEC is obliged to perform even “bad law”, and the task of legislators to change such laws. “With bitterness can say that, unfortunately, the CEC, which does not possess the right of legislative initiative, going ahead and trying to initiate more often than our legislators, these changes, including the filter.

Marchaevo denied registration in the elections because of an insufficient number of valid signatures municipal deputies. The Communist party has repeatedly called for the abolition of the municipal filter. Pamfilova said that the municipal filter should be made more democratic, but not to cancel. His reform, according to the CEC head, will be engaged in the working group on improving the electoral legislation under the presidential administration.