“More white rich”? The United States to discuss immigration reform

“More white rich”? The United States to discuss immigration reform

In America are actively discussing the reform of the immigration system, which may significantly limit the grounds for entry into the United States for permanent residence and, in particular, to cancel the annual lottery green cards. Critics of reform say that new rules in the country would be unable to enter the ancestors of the trump and his assistants, as well as his own wife.

Two Republican senators last week proposed a bill radical reform of the grounds on which in the United States allowed migrants. We offer you senators action was publicly supported by the President of the United States Donald trump, who won the November elections, not least due to its calls to reform immigration laws.

A similar bill has already been nominated in the Senate in April, but so far have not moved. Perhaps the document proposed by senators Tom Cotton and David Purdue, expects the same fate, since it is not included in the agenda of the current session of the upper house.

Senate leadership is in no hurry to let him move, because the immigration issue caused heated debates, and now they erupted even louder. Republican Chuck grassli, who heads the Senate judiciary Committee, said that there needs to be a truce between the left, “the dream is to legalize all” and right, “not willing that the United States entered at least one immigrant.”

According to grassli, he will agree to bring the bill up for discussion only after the conclusion of the armistice, because without it the sides will bicker for a whole month. However, to read the press now — such a consensus is unlikely, since the parties hold diametrically opposed positions.

Website Hill, covering the life of the Congress, placed in a Sunday article of the former Texas Sheriff Andy of Lauterbach, which strongly supports the reform of the cotton and Purdue.

The author recalls that in 1996, a democratic President, bill Clinton appointed a Commission under the leadership of former member of Congress and a well-known fighter for civil rights, African-American Barbara Jordan. The Commission was mandated to develop a draft reform of the immigration legislation passed in 1965 giving preference to foreigners who have close relatives in the United States.

About two-thirds of foreigners who came to the U.S. for permanent residence, received the coveted green card on the basis of kinship. This happens to this day.

After working for several years, the Commission, Jordan submitted to the White house reform project, under which the US had roughly halve the number of legal immigrants, which reached then — as now — just over a million people a year, and to focus on their not so many relatives in America, how much of qualification.

On this model constructed system of immigration in Canada or Australia.

As often happens with the presidential commissions, the recommendations of this for the most part were ignored. Now, two senators propose to implement the main ones.

As they say their supporters, under the current system in the United States fall far from the best educated and qualified immigrants.

Specifically, almost a quarter of them have secondary education and are often unable to compete for good jobs in such economically developed country as America.

Instead, they compete with less educated Americans, especially minorities, and lower the salaries are, as they themselves agree to work for pennies.

Under the new system the current so-called “chain migration”, when one stretches an immigrant in the US, the whole big family, almost stops.

Legal immigrants will be allowed to bring only a spouse and young children. The rest of the family — from adult children and siblings to grandparents — if you wish to join them will have to apply on a General basis and compete with other foreigners for the limited number of immigrant visas.