Kiev will not be able to sue Russia because of the Crimean bridge


RIA Novosti

The Ukrainian authorities will not be able to file a lawsuit against Moscow in connection with limitation of navigation in the Kerch Strait, as in 2003, Kiev admitted Strait “historical waters of Ukraine and Russia”. This statement was made by the specialist in international law Boris Babin in his account in Facebook.

“Clowns and bridges (…). Salt in the fact that in 2003 the Ukraine had voluntarily renounced the international status of territorial sea-the Kerch Strait and Azov. According to the then treaties with Russia and the sea of Azov and Strait is the internal historic waters of Russia and Ukraine”, — wrote Babin.

Babin added that this status does not allow, without the consent of the Russian authorities to file a complaint for a violation of the Convention on law of the sea 1982 to international court United Nations (UN) and the international Tribunal for the law of the sea. August 1, Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Lavrenyuk said that Kiev is preparing a lawsuit in connection with the economic losses incurred by Ukraine over the Kerch bridge.

The construction of the Kerch bridge that will connect the Crimea with the Taman Peninsula, began in February 2016. The length of the bridge will be 19 kilometers. In the second half of 2017, will be installed arch spans that will limit the navigation. The opening of the bridge will take place in December 2018. The project costs 227 billion rubles. Crimea became part of Russia following a referendum in March 2014.