Israel has drafted a bill on the death penalty for terrorists

The Israeli authorities are preparing a draft law on the use of the death penalty for terrorists, the newspaper “Izvestia”, familiar with the excerpts from the document.

The bill prepared by the Deputy of the Israeli Knesset from the Likud Prachi Nava Boker. The document was supported by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The bill envisages amendments to the laws on the punishment of terrorism and the fight against terrorism. According to them, a crime recognised by the attack, the offender faces the death penalty. Currently, the maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

Capital punishment in Israel exists, but it does not apply to ordinary crimes and could theoretically be carried out only in exceptional cases. For all time of existence of the country since 1948, the death sentence was executed only twice.

Experts say that the new initiative is linked to the terrorist attacks that became more frequent lately. However, they doubt that the project will attain the status of law, and propose to solve the problem of terrorism by other methods.