In Ukraine detained the distributor of the virus Petya.A

In Ukraine detained the distributor of the virus Petya.A

In Ukraine, the police detained a suspect in the spread of the virus Petya.A. This was reported on the website of the office of the National police of Ukraine in Chernihiv region.

According to the report, 51-year-old male from Dnipropetrovsk region posted in the file exchange, and social network video describing how to run the virus Petya on computers and attached itself malicious software.

At the place of residence of the suspect, the postal and telecommunications conducted a search. As a result, they found “computer equipment, which spread the computer virus” Petya.A, files, which, as the experts concluded, a virus.

The suspect told, after hacking attacks that were committed in June 2017, he uploaded a virus to the file hosting service and link to it published on your blog. According to the cyberpolice, virus Petya.A was downloaded 400 times in order to infect computers.

The investigation revealed that the malware downloaded company, to hide the traces “of their criminal activities and avoid paying penalties to the state.”

In fact the incident a criminal case under part 1 of article 361 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (unauthorized interference with the work of electronic computing machines).

In late June the virus Petya. And has infected the key objects of infrastructure of Ukraine. In Microsoft said that malware spread via accounting software M.E.Doc. In turn, in the “Kaspersky Lab” told the publication “Vedomosti” that the program disseminated the virus only in Ukraine, but due to the fact that in this country there are international companies, through the network, the virus had infected computers from 64 countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Russia and the United States.

The security service of Ukraine said that the hacking are “Russian special services”. In Russia, Petya. And attacked the computer system of “Bashneft” and clinics “in vitro”, which had to temporarily stop accepting tests.