In Sicily firefighters gave fire, which then extinguished

In Sicily firefighters gave fire, which then extinguished

ROME, Aug 7 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. A group of volunteer fire Department, arranged the fires for bonus payouts, exposed in Sicily, said on Monday Italian police.

Investigation against 15 firefighters-volunteers began after authorities noticed “an anomaly” in the statistics of their departures on suppression of fires. It is assumed that the crew extinguished the fires, which suit herself. Their goal was to receive bonuses for overtime, which accounted for 10 euros per hour.

The head of group of swindlers in person during the work shift went to the countryside in their van, set fire to the forest, then returned to the scene of the fire already on the fire truck. Now all the enterprising firemen waiting for the court, their leader placed under house arrest.

Italian climatologists say that this summer is one of the hottest in the entire 200-year history of weather observations in the Apennines. In mid-July, the African anticyclone “Charon” brought to Italy an abnormally high temperature, which caused in the South, large forest fires that swept tens of thousands of hectares and including Sicily and severe drought, which, according to the largest Association of Italian farmers, Coldiretti, has caused the country losses amounting to more than 2 billion euros.