In a network there were photos of Putin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has demonstrated good physical shape during his short vacation on photos posted on the outcome of the rest of the head of state from August 1-3, you can see how the 64-year-old Russian leader, sunbathing and fishing bare-chested.

Putin on Thursday and Friday visited the Russian far East, and on the way there he did a two-day stop in Siberia, where he was engaged in underwater hunting and fishing. As reported earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, Putin two hours “chasing the sun” in a mountain lake.

The photos show how the President is immersed in a dense diving suit, which allows to reduce the dissipation, which is a prerequisite for a long stay in the water temperature in the lake does not rise above +17, on the mask of the Russian leader established a special video camera. The other picture shows Putin swims in a lake in the freestyle, this time he goes without a wetsuit, despite the low temperature of the water.

RIA Novosti

In one of the photos Putin depicted with the caught fish, in the hands of the President the bait, he dressed in a long fisherman’s boots, in the background mountain. In some pictures, in addition to the Russian leader, the present head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu: it is in the company of other officers standing on a raft, when the President prepares to dive.

Putin concentrated on preparing a mask, sitting in a long flippers and a wetsuit. Also, the President with a naked torso shows a caught fish. The other picture shows a bigger fish — about half the length of the human body, Putin is on a raft in the khaki pants and sunglasses, behind him the forest and the mountains.

RIA Novosti

The President in Panama and sunglasses sitting on a raft somewhere pointing to its partners in recreation on it and Shoigu you can see the tops of the Russian armed forces: the head of state wearing a sandy color with a small logo “Army of Russia”, Minister of khaki color with a star and the inscription “Army”.

The President, as noted by Sands, had the opportunity to sunbathe, because the air in those places visited by the Russian leader, warms up quickly. In some pictures he is sitting in a folding chair, shirtless and wearing sunglasses, and other photos sunbathing he takes along with Shoigu.

The head of Republic Khakassia Viktor Zimin on the other picture is the company President at fishing, just preferring not to wear a t-shirt or shirt. It is obvious that the weather was always warm, in some pictures the President and the Minister of defence in tight hunting jackets.