CNN reported suspicions to the FBI about



NEW YORK, August 5. /TASS/. Employees of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) allegedly recorded attempts to spread in social networks on the day of presidential elections in 2016 fabricated publications and I suspect that this may be related to Russia. With this statement made on Friday by CNN.

According to channel sources, election day November 8, 2016, a group of specialists of the FBI cyber security and intelligence service was conducting surveillance of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. U.S. authorities allegedly recorded that some accounts in social networks were used to spread the fabricated publications. Some of them dealt with the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

In statement to CNN, the FBI believes that the specified activities were carried out including those outside the United States face. The Bureau alleged suspect that at least some accounts in social networks were used thus in the framework of the “Russian campaign of misinformation”. What exactly caused such assumptions, channel sources said. The article notes that the FBI to track social networks, in fact, was on the verge of breaking the law.

The opposition Democratic party of the United States is trying to trigger a scandal attributed to President Donald Trump and his assistants relations with Russia. According to the American leader, and the leaders of his administration, the efforts of the Democrats politicized and aimed at the delegitimization and discrediting of the legitimate Executive power in the United States. In Moscow at the highest level also have repeatedly rejected allegations that Russia tried to interfere in election processes in the United States.