Trying to break the Eiffel tower with a knife, the man said the connection with ISIS

The man who tried to break with a knife on the Eiffel tower in Paris, declared his connection with the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). On Sunday, August 6, AFP reported, citing a source close to the investigation.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, the suspect — a Frenchman born in August 1998 in Mauritania. He stated that he wanted to attack the military and it is the relationship with the IG, “that motivated him to take action”.

The source also said that the young man had for several months undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital and was again admitted there on July 27. While he was allowed to leave the hospital on the weekend from 4 to 6 August.

The Agency also notes that the counter-terrorism unit of the Paris Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation after arrest the men. It is in the case of a criminal terrorist conspiracy to assassinate the people, and in the case of the attempted murder of government officials.

Earlier, on 6 August it became known about the detention of armed men with a knife at the Eiffel tower. The incident occurred late on 5 August. The man tried to overcome one of the checkpoints at the foot of the object, but it was quickly neutralized. AFP notes that at the same time he shouted “Allah Akbar!”.