The Polish foreign Ministry has called “Northern stream-2” by means of blackmail Central Europe

Witold Waszczykowski

“Nord stream 1 and Nord stream-2” are political projects, the purpose of which is that Russia got the possibility of blackmail of Central Europe. In an interview with RIA Novosti said the head of the Polish foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski.

“We do not agree with a number of European politicians, German and others — that it is primarily a business project. No, it is a political project. And if American policy will include sanctions against this project, we have these sanctions will welcome. Because it will prevent implementation of initiatives that will threaten energy stability and security in our part of Europe,” he said.

According to Waszczykowski, the idea to build “Nord stream 1 and Nord stream-2” was directed against European solidarity and energy security.

“This is an idea, intended to get around Central Europe and in the future to create the possibility for Russia to blackmail the Central European countries. Not only Poland, but Ukraine, and other countries. So we are against these projects. We were against the “Nord stream-1”, and now we are against the “Nord stream-2″,” — said the Minister.

On 2 August President of the United States Donald trump signed a law on new anti-sanctions, before it was adopted by the Congress. The document, in particular, provides a reduction of up to two weeks maximum term of financing of banks, which are under sanctions, and 30 days — for oil and gas companies. Also, the law specified that Washington will seek to prevent the construction of “Nord stream-2”.

“Nord stream-2” gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic sea with a length of 1220 kilometers, and a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year. Its construction should begin in 2018 and be completed in late 2019.