The package with the baby found on the street in Yekaterinburg

Police are looking for the person who left the baby in the pack on one of the streets of Yekaterinburg. On Sunday, August 6, according to the Department of the interior Ministry in the Sverdlovsk region.

The police the message came from inside the ambulance. He said that “on the line “03” the unknown man called and reported that in Yekaterinburg at the house on the street Technical, 35 lies wrapped in a package of newborn baby”, said AMIA.

“At the address immediately went investigative team police. This information was confirmed”, — stated in the message. The baby was taken to city hospital No. 14.

At the scene investigators and the police established the identity of the calling male. Set also potential witnesses to the incident.

On 25 July it became known that the inhabitant of Novosibirsk on the way to work found in trash containers embalmed the embryo in a flask with probable developmental disabilities.