The guitarist of The Rolling Stones spoke about his battle with lung cancer

The guitarist of The Rolling Stones spoke about his battle with lung cancer

MOSCOW, August 6 — RIA Novosti. The guitarist of The Rolling Stones Ronnie wood in an interview with the Event said that three months ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Earlier it was reported that the musician had surgery on his lung. The problem with light was discovered the guitarist in the ordinary course of medical research.

“I fought with a small cancer,” — said wood magazine, which is produced by the team of the newspaper Daily Mail.

It was a week when everything hung in the balance, and it could be the end…Ronnie wood Guitarist of The Rolling Stones

Wood stated that the disease was known only to he and his wife, as well as doctors. In addition, he admitted that he was not going to undergo chemotherapy, if it it took.

Now, after the removal of the tumor, the healthy musician.

“Now I’m fine. But I need to get tested every three months. Before they noticed him,” said wood, who for 50 years was a heavy smoker.

The global edition of the albums of The Rolling Stones, on account of which more than 20 only Studio recordings, more than 250 million copies. Two hundred million records were sold in the United States, according to these indicators, the group, founded in 1962, is one of the most successful in the world. In 1989 the Rolling Stones were inducted into the Hall of fame rock-n-roll, and in 2004 took the fourth place in the list of the 50 greatest artists of all time by the magazine Rolling Stone.