The government will ask to revive the mass taking the empties

The proposal to introduce the collateral value of recycled packaging and oblige major shopping centers set the machines to collect empty bottles will be sent for consideration to the government. On Sunday, August 6, told RT the author of the initiative, the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov.

According to him, these measures will return the glass mass. “The collateral value is the fixed price for the container, which is indicated on the bottle or jar and is guaranteed to be returned after delivery. This will encourage people to donate bottles,” he explained.

The Deputy noted that this practice is widely used in Europe. He added that in Russia the collection of glass there is only 80 cities.

Petrov said that in the country the waste is 1.2 million tons of material. “At the same time processing thousands of tons of glass has eight jobs, reducing the total landfill by ten thousand hectares, and harmful emissions by 30 per cent, 30 per cent reduces energy consumption in the production of new glass”, — he stressed.

If the proposal is approved, a draft of amendments to the Federal law “On wastes of production and consumption”.

As noted by RT, is now in the bottle at the point of reception can be obtained from 15 to 90 cents. According to the law, the responsibility for disposal of packaging, including glass, lies with the manufacturers. They should either organise this themselves or pay an environmental fee.