Omich has seized 30 thousand rubles for refusing to work for gay

The may day district court of Omsk decided to pay compensation to a man who refused to take a job in a shop Hardcore because of sexual orientation. About it reports on Friday, August 4, “Omsk here”.

Local resident Edward MYR demanded that the store Manager Andrei Chistyakov 50 thousand rubles for moral damages, hiring and salary payments. The judge upheld only the requirement to pay compensation, the amount was reduced to 30 thousand.

Of MYR tried to get the seller in shop in the spring. He was refused, and the written reply referred to article 64 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation and the law on gay propaganda. The man also stated that employer “has no moral and legal right” to take it to work, the newspaper writes.

At the same time, Chistyakov said that the failure was “caused by the best motives.” “I asked Edward whether he was a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation. On what received the affirmative answer,” — said the Director of the Hardcore. He added that “given the clientele of the store, to work [Mere] we will be unsafe.”

As noted, the court’s decision has not yet entered into force.

July 20, Chistyakov reported that the man was not hired to work in the shop is not due to the fact that his manners and appearance he had reminded gay, but because its standards have not been sellers of sports nutrition. According to the Director, a young man very thin and did not understand the products he had to sell. Chistyakov added that the response of the personnel Department was not coordinated with him, otherwise there appeared mention of the law banning gay propaganda among minors.