More than 170 thousand people spoke out against the allocation to the wife of Macron money from the budget

Emmanuel macron, with his wife

Petition against the official status of first lady, Brigitte macron in France gathered more than 170 thousand signatures. The appeal published on the platform

The author of the campaign Field Thierry Valette, the leader of the public movement “National equality”, outraged the initiative to allocate the spouse of the President of Emmanuel Macron budget. “There are no reasons for which wife of the head of state needs to get the taxpayers’ money,” reads the petition text.

Valette said that Brigitte Makron already have two or three assistants, two secretaries and two members of the security service, which, in his opinion, should be enough.

The petition addressed to the President and the Prime Minister Edward Philip.

According to the newspaper Huffington Post, during the election campaign macron stressed that his 64-year-old wife to play a public role, and taxpayers will not pay for it. Now, the publication adds, the question of the status of the first lady referred to the National Assembly of France.

Brigitte Makron (nee Tronie) was born in Amiens in the family of the rich bourgeoisie, the owners of confectionery shops. Was married to a banker Andre Louis Ozerom.