LDPR has suggested not to allow migrants from Central Asia without an invitation of a legal entity


MOSCOW, 4 Aug — RIA Novosti. The liberal democratic party proposes to strengthen control over the migrants from Central Asia, in particular, to introduce the practice, for which they have came to Russia only at the invitation of a legal entity, the press service of the faction.

“The LDPR believes that it is necessary to strengthen control over the migrants from Central Asia. In Russia, they should come only at the invitation of a legal entity. For example, a construction firm meets, places in the dormitory and then escorted to the station. This firm and is responsible for attracting labour force”, — is spoken in the message.

Members noted that in the absence of this measure in Russia are coming, including some fighting in ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) who “want to kill, and they stop at nothing, such a band, it’s not just criminals — they are terrorists”.

The report also proposed “to such terrorists act of Stolypin’s method,” and introduce the death penalty for terrorists whose guilt would be determined by a court-martial – “one week, three military lawyer.”

On Tuesday at about 14.00, when two guards in the Moscow regional court escorted in the Elevator five defendants in the case of the “gang GTA”, one of the defendants attacked the convoy and began to strangle him. According to investigators, in the result the accused was released and took control of the weapon, but one of the guards had to call employees of Regardie. SK notes that then, on the third floor of the building and a gun battle ensued between the defendants and resguardada. In the end, eliminated the three arrested, two hurt.

“Gang GTA”, the media dubbed the crime group that was operating in Moscow in 2012-2014. According to investigators, the gang consisted of at least 15 immigrants from Central Asia. According to prosecutors, the group has committed on the territory of the Moscow region 15 armed robberies involving the murder of 17 people and the assassination attempt on two.