In Abkhazia talked about the mass failures of tourists from traveling to the Republic of

Abkhazia is “a powerful wave of failures tourists” because of explosions at a military ammunition depot in the village of Primorsky, in which two people were killed and over 60 injured. About it RIA Novosti said the President of the “Union of Abkhazian tourism” Anna Kalyagin.

According to her, from trips to the Republic of refuse are still largely the tourists who came. Kalyagin indicated that cases when people interrupted his vacation and left a little, and bounce off the September tours yet.

Kalyagin believes that the recession will last about two weeks.

On 3 August the press-Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurin has declared that the demand of Russian tourists on vacation in Abkhazia show a decline due to the explosion at a military warehouse and other incidents. According to her, after the attack on tourists and the deaths of Russians in the Gudauta district of Abkhazia, July 11, the sale of vouchers “has failed in two or three weeks ahead,” travelers canceled several hundred paid and booked tours.

When the demand only started to recover, there is information about the robbery moved to Abkhazia of a Russian family. “And now the explosions at the ammunition dump. This concentration of negative developments will certainly hurt demand, especially that of Abkhazia — family direction in which many are traveling with children,” — said Turina.

She added that the current season for Abkhazia generally turns out very bad. Russian tour operators noted a decrease in the demand by 35-40 percent compared to last year.

An explosion at a military warehouse in Abkhazia took place on the afternoon of 2 August. The incident killed two women who were nearby.

July 11 near the village Achandara in the Gudauta district, a group of tourists returning from fishing on foot, was overtaken by armed masked men and demanded money. One of the men, Kabanov Andrey Nikolaevich born in 1984, had resisted the attackers and was stabbed in the chest. He was taken to the Central hospital of Gudauta, where he died.