Captivated by the militants of the IG talked about training Syrian terrorists for attacks in Europe

Captivated by fighters of the Kurdish militia, the militant terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) told about in Syria clandestine jihadists for training terrorists for new attacks in Europe. On Sunday, August 6, the newspaper The Times.

According to him, the cell is called “Brigade al-Kharsa”. Her offer to join all Europeans who join the terrorists. The course lasts for seven months, during that time recruited and taught to make bombs and subjected to ideological indoctrination.

“From the beginning of training twenty people to the finish line only to reach the five. Then they return to Europe and arrange terrorist attacks”, — said the prisoner was a terrorist. Two years in the ranks of the fighters he counted about 50 who came from Germany, France, Belgium and the UK, who managed to pass the training program in a camp of suicide bombers.

He added that the cell continues its activities. According to him, it was trained the terrorists who attacked on 13 November 2015 Paris 22 Mar 2016 Brussels. In addition, there are sleeper cells in Europe, consisting of those who sympathize with ISIS, but was unable to join terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

“They will make new suicide attacks in Europe, because they apply a lot of punches. Also they are planning to carry out attacks in Lebanon,” said the terrorist.

On Saturday the interior Minister of France Gerard Colomb said about staying in the country 271 people with experience of fighting on the side of Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq. Colombes indicated that only in Syria and Iraq has sent about 700 citizens of Republic. However, he found it difficult to say how many jihadists with French passport were killed in the fighting.

On 21 July, The Guardian reported on the list of Interpol, containing 173 potential militant terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), which can organize terrorist attacks in Europe. The list of potential suicide bombers were drawn up by the American scouts, due to the data that they got from Syria and Iraq. Further, this information was passed to the FBI and from Interpol.