A monument to victims of political repressions “Wall of grief” moved to the center of Moscow

The monument to the “Wall of sorrow”

The first part of the monument to victims of political repression “Wall of grief” was moved from the foundry to the installation location in the center of Moscow at the intersection of Sakharov Avenue and the Garden ring. On Sunday, August 6, reports TASS.

Sculptor and author of the song Georgy Frangulyan noted that the Foundation under the monument is almost ready. According to him, the main part of the monument is divided into nine pieces, six meters in height and 3.3 meters in width.

“Day after day we carry consistently. According to our plan, by the end of the month not only do we all bring, but we will also gather. Then it will be revision, trimming and finishing,” explained the artist.

Advisor to the President of Russia, Mikhail Fedotov, in an interview with a journalist of the newspaper “Sight” said that the establishment of such monument said in the times of Nikita Khrushchev, but only now this idea was possible to realize. “I hope construction of this memorial we will put the final point in the history of internal conflict in our country that began with the October 17th of the year,” he said.

Fedotov stressed that the project won in the open competition, which filed more than 300 applications. “Everything was absolutely democratic,” concluded the adviser. He added that the cost of the sculpture amounted to about 300 million rubles.

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“The wall of sorrow” is a bronze relief bilateral with several arches. It consists of faceless human figures. With two sides located on the monument signs with the word “Remember” in different languages. The area in front of the monument suggest to lay stones, brought from places where there were camps and prisons of the Gulag. It is planned to open October 30, 2017 — the Day of memory of victims of political repression.