A member of Congress promised to impeach Putin

A member of Congress promised to impeach Putin

A member of the U.S. Congress have promised to impeach Vladimir Putin. As it turned out, she confuses the Russian President Mike Pence.

Member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress Maxine water mixed with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Vice-President Mike Pence and said that it would impeach the Russian leader. This bug a member of Congress made on “the View” on ABC, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

Leading asked water, which often called for the impeachment of President Donald trump, will there be a Penny better to perform his duties as leader of the country.

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“When we’re done with trump, we get to Putin. He’s next,” said a member of Congress. “Putin or Pens?”, — asked the host. “Oh, Penny,” she corrected herself.

In mid-July it was reported that two congressmen from the democratic party, brad Sherman and al green, has prepared a document about the dismissal of trump. As Sherman said, he wants the question of impeachment of the President was discussed in the legal Affairs Committee of the house of representatives. “Every day the world are shocking examples of unprofessional approach of the incumbent. Ignorance coupled with an unwillingness to learn, inability to cope with their own emotions is extremely dangerous for the country”, — said the representative of the democratic party.

Sherman noted that previously, he worked for many years with the Penny in Congress. The Democrat said that he will speak to Pence became President of the United States. At the White house on the plans of the two congressmen said that they play the political game, which looks funny.