The UN security Council imposed new sanctions against North Korea

The UN security Council imposed new sanctions against North Korea

Adopted by the UN security Council resolution aimed at economic effect on North Korea. The reason for the new sanctions has led to repeated launches of ballistic missiles North Korea.

The security Council of the United Nations (UN) voted for new sanctions against North Korea. About it reports Reuters. The new restrictive measures against North Korea proposed by the US, supported by all countries.

Sanctions — the UN response to Pyongyang’s launch of two ballistic missiles in July. The Russian defense Ministry said that the DPRK launched the rocket was not an Intercontinental, however, the new Russian sanctions were supported.

Within the UN, countries are forbidden to import from the DPRK of coal, iron, ore, lead, and seafood. Also the security Council resolution prohibits countries to increase the number of North Korean workers on their territories and create with Pyongyang, a new joint venture (JV). In addition, countries are prohibited to invest in the previously created SP. It is assumed that the new sanctions by a third would reduce the annual profit of the DPRK’s exports, which according to diplomats is $3 billion.

The resolution also brings into blacklist UN nine DPRK nationals and four companies — their assets are frozen. Under the sanctions were the largest foreign exchange Bank of the DPRK.