The foreign Ministry has compared the statements of the Pens with stamps times


RIA Novosti

Washington deeper slipping into primitive and completely divorced from reality cliches of “cold war”. So the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the statements of Vice-President Michael Pence, which he made during a visit to Montenegro. In particular, the official “frightened the leaders of the Western Balkan countries the mythical “Russian threat”.

According to the Russian foreign Ministry, we are talking about the imposition of the Balkan countries frankly destructive “either with the West or with Russia” that will eventually lead to increased tension throughout the continent, not to mention the individual States of the region. At the same time Pence, according to the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, imposes a thesis about the alleged inevitability of the accession of all South-Eastern Europe into NATO.

Apparently, reminiscent of Russian diplomats in the region have forgotten that the United States together with its allies in 1999 for “violating international law” at the time of intervention in the Affairs of Serbia, forming another hotbed of conflict in Europe. And in Montenegro do not think that the country’s membership in NATO was designed “contrary to the opinion of the majority of citizens of this country.”

“So who interferes in the internal Affairs and use force in the Balkans – Moscow or Washington?” – asked a rhetorical question to the foreign Ministry.