The couple and their wedding photographer argued for $ 150. In the end, the family will pay more than a million

The couple and their wedding photographer argued for $ 150. In the end, the family will pay more than a million

Texas ended which lasted more than two years — a young couple were suing their wedding photographer.

The conflict began from-for $ 150 — worth of cover for the wedding album. However, newlyweds Nikki and Andrew Moldovans refused to pay, arranging the persecution of the photographer in the media and social networks. Photographer Andrea Politi went to court and after all the trials he accused the couple of defamation and ordered to pay Political more than $ 1 million.

$ 150 for the cover

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Neely and Andrew Moldovan got married in October of 2014 in Dallas; the event was held in a local “the oil club” the Dallas Petroleum Club. To document the event, invited the photographer, Andrea Polito, who for ten years was engaged in wedding shooting, and specialized in photo shoots with children and portraits. Neely Moldovan was relatively popular beauty blogger (her instagram is now 31 thousand subscribers), so Watered additionally warned one of his employees that “everything was perfect”.

After a few months at the local division of NBC published an article about the misguided newlyweds: Andrew and Neely Moldovan showed reporters empty frames from the photos and said that Polito refuses to give them photos from the wedding. According to them, the photographer demanded an additional fee for their services, although the couple paid for everything they discussed in advance. The story broke other media: for example, in the Daily Mail tabloid it was published under the title “Wedding photographer is holding the images hostage, because the couple do not want to pay for services not covered by the contract.”

The article claimed that all of the services Polito cost the family Moldovans of six thousand dollars, and the conflict occurred because of the fact that the parties could not agree even for $ 150.

The assertion pairs, the amount of the contract with the photographer included wedding album, custom made. But the family of Moldovans didn’t expect for the album cover will have to pay separately — it was $ 150. “We are not difficult to pay — leads the publication the words of Neely Moldovan, but for us it is a matter of principle”. According to spouses, they have been asked to pay for the cover until 18 February 2015, otherwise all the photos from their wedding will be archived and access to them would have to pay another $ 250. “It’s heartbreaking because these are our memories”, — told reporters the couple.

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After the publicity in the media was found and other details: it turned out that the contract really didn’t say anything about the cover of the wedding album, and he was designated as “the 40-page album with 80 photos”. The newlyweds offered to choose from several options cover, the cost of which starts from $ 125; employee Polito recommended variant for $ 150 — as more durable. The disagreement happened because of wording: spouses Moldovans claimed that “album” implies at least a basic cover, Andrea Polito and her Manager — that is an option that is not surprised by their previous clients.