Romanian foreign Minister: policy towards Russia is characterized by “restraint and dialogue”

Romanian foreign Minister: policy towards Russia is characterized by “restraint and dialogue”

BUCHAREST, 5 Aug. /TASS/. Romanian policy towards Russia is characterized by “restraint and dialogue”, as NATO policy towards Russia. It said on Friday, the Minister of foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu in an interview with Digi 24.

“Relations with Russia is very clearly defined in two words: deterrence and dialogue — he said. — Containment means the presence in the Eastern part of the European continent, where there is, at least on the part of Russia, a very serious buildup of the armed forces and armaments. This presence should be proportional, not producing the impression of danger, but ensuring the security of the Eastern flank, it is the policy dialogue on topics that are not subject to sanctions.”

Commenting on the announcement by the government of Moldova, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata, Melescanu suggested that the Deputy Prime Minister “will present their point of view is not on the territory of Moldova, in Moscow or in another place.”

“He will no longer be the podium or the ability to speak these things, giving them weight and importance on the territory of Moldova,” he said.

Melescanu reported that the Romanian foreign Ministry created the Department of strategic communications to analyze and counter the fabricated news.

“False reports come through different channels, they must be countered not by censorship or propaganda, and representing the real and specific facts that will give people the necessary information,” he said. From his point of view, the news “come from other directions, but Russia stands out in this technology.”