Raised from the inundated mine “Mir” of the miner was hospitalized

Miner, who was locked in podtoplentsam the mine “Mir” in the Yakut city peace and released on bond, brought to the surface. About it reports on Saturday, August 5, the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

Alisher Mirzaev was on the 410-m horizon of the mine. “Rescuers on the spot gave the victim first aid. He was then brought to the surface and hospitalized in the Mirny municipal hospital”, — noted in Department.

He became a 143-m rescued from the inundated mine. The fate of eight miners is unknown. In the MOE also said that rescuers surveyed nearly seven thousand meters unflooded workings.

The press service of the company “ALROSA” reported that the condition of the 36-year-old Mirzayev heavy due to the hypothermia but is stable. “Bruised lung. Patients in intensive care. His life at the moment threatens nothing”, — stated in the message.

The head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Egor Borisov said that search and rescue operations are conducted around the clock. “Some part of the mine flooded, and a certain part is not yet filled with water. So there is hope, and actively searching for people,” he added.

Previously, Mirzayev made contact with rescuers and told them of your location.

On Friday afternoon, August 4, owned by the company “ALROSA”, the mine flooded 270 thousand cubic meter of ground water. The alleged reason for the flooding of the Yakut mine could be a manufacturing fault in the storage tank water.