Putin released into Baikal omul fry



The protection of lake Baikal President took personally. Today Vladimir Putin came to Baikal biosphere reserve and released into the lake juvenile Arctic Cisco.

The helicopter of the head of state landed right next to the lake. The President spoke about the work at Baikal and showed fry. Putin has several times scooped the fish with a net and released into the lake, and then sent there and the rest 50 thousand “babies” – pulling the lever on the lid of the container, which is placed on a wooden pier.

When the President released the fry, one of the attendants noticed that the main thing – do not soak shoes. To which Putin replied that with shoes “come on in”.

Juvenile fish were grown in cages by the method of industrial fish. For 10 years, the population of the Baikal omul has decreased almost four times and for its preservation it is necessary to increase the production of fry.

Putin also called for the visitor centre “the Baikal nature reserve”. After seeing the exhibition, including using virtual binoculars, he briefly spoke with volunteers from the organization “Great Baikal trail”.