Putin criticized officials for “bureaucratic football”

Putin criticized officials for “bureaucratic football”

Authorities should consider the views of citizens at the accomplishment, and not to engage in “bureaucratic football”, said Vladimir Putin in Kirov on the Council for the development of local self-government.

Vladimir Putin in Kirov took part in the Council for the development of local self-government. In his speech he condemned the indifference of local officials and urged them to abandon the “bureaucratic football”, reports “RIA Novosti”.

He stressed that the government should be more attentive to the initiatives of citizens on the issues of improvement.

I’m not just saying that to ignore the ideas and proposals of citizens, to engage in “bureaucratic football” is categorically wrong. Caring and proactive approach to the problems of people — it is a great value and a very good reserve.Mr Putinprime of the Russian Federation

In addition, he urged officials to support the people who take initiative. The President stressed that society “appears more and more citizens who show initiative”, including at the local level. Putin has demanded from the authorities to support such people.

“People tend to do something useful, and have many constructive ideas and proposals. And most importantly have the desire to bring them to life… it is Very important that the authorities had the same counter-desire to hear, to understand sentences initiative of citizens or initiative group”, — said the head of state.