Pole in Milan kidnapped British model and put it up for sale

Milan had been kidnapped and put up for sale at auction the British model. On Saturday, August 5, reports the Daily Mail.

20-year-old mannequin, whose name is not specified, arrived in Italy for the shooting. A native of Poland Lukasz herb (Lukasz Herba), which was supposed to hold a photo shoot July 11, gave her a shot of ketamine (used for anesthesia of the drug). After the British lost consciousness, 30-year-old man kidnapped her and brought to the shelter, where a week held the victim down.

Herb put the model on sale in the online auction for 300 thousand Euro (about 270 thousand pounds sterling). He planned to get the money in bitcoins.

Agent kidnapped girl, unable to reach her, initiated the search of a model. Seven days after the abduction of herb learned that the victim had a two year old child, and decided to let her go, guided by their own moral code. On 17 July he went to the building of the British Consulate, where he was detained. The pole admitted his guilt, took him into custody.

Italian authorities believe that the herb could be a member of the gang “Black death”, which deals with crimes on the Internet and the black market in the network.

In June it became known that the Colombian journalist and model Paulina Karina Diaz (Karina Paulina Diaz) was arrested for his involvement in the abduction of two people in 2011.