One of the trapped in a flooded mine the Mir mine the miners made contact

Archive photo

One of the nine workers, locked in a flooded mine “Mir” in the Yakut city Mirny, reached out. The journalists said the representative of the company that owns the mine “ALROSA”, reports TASS.

Miner Alisher Mirzaev told rescuers that is located at a depth of 410 meters. As reported the MOE, the man “was given first aid and are now raising to the surface.”

Earlier, the commander of the branch of “Yakut militarized mine-rescue detachment” Sergey Schroeder told the journalists that were surveyed all unflooded production of the mine, the presence of people likely on the horizon 310 minus and minus 210 meters.

In the search and rescue operation involved 280 people, including eight divers, and 34 units of equipment. Work is proceeding around the clock.

On Friday afternoon, August 4, owned by the company “ALROSA”, the mine flooded 270 thousand cubic meter of ground water. The surface was raised 142 miners. Remains unknown fate of eight miners. The alleged reason for the flooding of the Yakut mine could be a manufacturing fault in the storage tank water.