Omsk cadets refurbished UAZ four minutes and set a record

The cadets of the Omsk tank-automotive engineering Institute of the Military Academy of logistics behalf of Khrushchev set a new record for the disassembly and Assembly of UAZ. They did it in four minutes, according to RIA Novosti on Saturday, August 5.

Young people set the record during the opening ceremony of the international competition “Rembat”. They dismantled the army UAZ, and then put back together and went for it. It is noted that last year’s figure has been improved by four seconds.

Deputy defense Minister General Dmitry Bulgakov praised the young people for their achievements. “Well done, another word, and not pick”, he said.

In 2016, the complete Assembly and disassembly of the Oise was first shown to the viewers “Rembat”. The video gained popularity on the Internet, gaining several million hits.

Video: military Auto / YouTube

In may 2016, it became known that during the inspection of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Sochi new military equipment for the armed forces of the UAZ stuck a pen. After attempts by General Alexander Shevchenko to open the car detail came off.