Network envy digging through the trash homeless on gyrometer

Network envy digging through the trash homeless on gyrometer

Visitors of the portal Pikabu envy digging in a dumpster to a homeless man on gyrometer.

Photos homeless was posted by a user with the nickname spaiki for a few hours and collected more than five thousand likes.

“Today in my backyard I saw this picture: people on gyrometer picks in the trash. Just imagine how big the scope of the dumps and most importantly, quick,” said the author.

Spaiki post attracted the attention of many visitors Pikabu, which began vying to complain about their fate and compare it with the life of the homeless. “Damn, even the homeless-downshifters richer than me”, “Even homeless people go on gyrometer”, “I bet this bum camera phone better than the author,” wailed commentators.

Other pictures seemed funny, and they began to play advanced to the homeless, calling him “bum-hipster-downshifter”. “The entrance to kraftova the trash now pay”, “I am a hipster, I just have the iPad stolen,” “he must have spiner and Weipa”, “I’m on your sweatshirt smoothie spilled,” laughed the users.

In November 2016 Ufa homeless-blogger novel taught network users to cook fish on the coals. He explained to the users that cooking should be approached with the soul, otherwise “tasteless get awkward”.