Iran’s President Rouhani officially took office

Iran’s President Rouhani officially took office

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani took the oath, thereby officially assuming the office of the chief Executive of the country.

The inauguration ceremony of Rouhani was held in the Parliament building in Tehran, reports Press TV channel. Newly minted Iranian leader has read the text of the oath and signed the presidential oath. Rouhani has vowed to do everything possible to ensure the protection and freedoms of citizens by supporting the principles of the Islamic Republic.

For personal congratulations for the new President arrived in Tehran political delegations from 100 countries, particularly from the UK, Germany, France and Russia.

The re-election of Rouhani for the second time voted by 57% of voters.

Within two weeks the new head of state must lay before Parliament a new government.

His main political objectives 68-year-old Rowhani believes the fight against internal problems in the country such as poverty, unemployment and corruption. He also noted the importance of external economic development and the question of relations with other countries.