In the Komi Republic opened a case for sending pupils on hazardous work

Inspection of the Commissioner under President of Russia on the rights of the child found that Paiginskoye pupils of boarding school №15 in the Republic of Komi brought to the cabin Hogweed. As reported on the website of the Ombudsman of Anna Kuznetsova, in the incident two children have received chemical burns.

It is noted that teenagers sent on hazardous work — to destroy a poisonous plant, does not provide protection, which is a violation of the requirements of sanitary rules and norms. While the leaders of the orphanage denied the fact of attracting minors to this work.

“Injuries have two pupils qualified as causing of a little harm to health” — said Kuznetsov. The investigative Committee of the Republic opened a criminal case under article 286 of the Criminal code (Exceeding official powers).

In March 2016, it became known that in Dagestan the Makhachkala Director of the house boarding school for mentally handicapped children “Zabota” forced underage students to work at her summer cottage. After the incident took place the inspection of all institutions for children-orphans, located on the territory of the Republic.

In December 2015 in the Jewish Autonomous region initiated a criminal case against employees of a psychoneurological boarding school, which forced hospital patients to work on their allotments. Patients performed heavy physical work: hauling gravel, throwing sand, digging the garden, for which they paid 100 rubles per day or were given a “salary” of food and cigarettes.