In Switzerland, predicted the discovery of hundreds of mummies in the Alps

The police investigates the scene of the discovery of the remains of a German citizen who disappeared in 1987

Hundreds of mummified bodies may appear on the surface of the Alps due to melting glaciers. With such a warning made by the Swiss police, The Guardian reports.

As noted in law enforcement bodies of Switzerland, the mountains are increasingly finding the remains of missing climbers.

For example, on 25 July vacationers at a ski resort in the Canton of Valais noticed the hand and two boots protruding from the snow, and called rescuers. The examination found that the body belongs to lost in the campaign in August 1987 German, born in 1943. In less than a week before in the same Canton found the remains of a local couple: a man and a woman went missing 75 years ago, when I went to the meadow to milk the cows.

Many of the bodies were from passengers crashed in the Alps aircraft. So, on 27 July in the vicinity of the French Mont Blanc lifted out of the snow, the corpse of a man, presumably flying on the Boeing 707 Air India, which crashed in 1966.

The Swiss police said that listed as missing in the Alps since 1925, includes more than 300 names and places, about 160 of them on Mont Blanc. Most of the dead victims of accidents or suicide, although there are soldiers involved in the fighting during the Second world war.

The Guardian explains that the glaciers in the Alps are melting with unprecedented speed — they lost nearly one cubic kilometer in the last year, about 900 billion gallons of water.