Events of the week in photos

Events of the week in photos

Revision of the “news Mail.Ru” presents a digest of the most important and bright events from 29 July to 4 August 2017 at the photos of leading news agencies of Russia and the world.

July 29. New American aircraft carrier “Gerald Ford” made the launch and landing deck of the aircraft using catapults and arresting gear that runs on electricity. The ships of this class to start the aircraft was only used steam devices.

July 29. The US and South Korea held live-fire exercises in response to North Korea: earlier there were reports about the launch in the new Republic, presumably Intercontinental ballistic missiles toward the island of Hokkaido in the sea of Japan.

July 30. Several police officers were injured in the blast, which occurred in the Venezuelan capital Caracas during a protest. From the beginning of April in clashes between opposition and police killed more than 100 people.

July 30. Forest fires raging in Greece, threatening residential areas. Rescuers try to stop fire in the South-Eastern outskirts of Athens.

July 31. Bosnian athlete Lawrence Sheet jumps from the Old bridge during the 451 traditional competitions diving in Mostar.

July 31. In Cologne on the cable car, laid over the Rhine, one of the stalls crashed into a support. More than 76 passengers were evacuated from a height of 40 meters above the ground. This is the first accident in 60 years of operation.

August 1. Defendants of the “gang GTA” attacked the convoy during a meeting in Moscow regional court. In the skirmish three men were killed.

August 1. The Russian foreign Ministry has denied the U.S. Embassy the right to use a dacha in Serebryany Bor. Similar measures were taken in connection with the confiscation of Russian departmenet in the States.

2 Aug. At a military warehouse in the area of the Abkhazian seaside village, an explosion occurred ammunition. As a result of the incident killed two tourists from Russia. Also, the Ministry of health reported 64 casualties.

2 Aug. Maria Sharapova played the first match after the injury, defeating American Jennifer Brady. However, after the games, the Russian athlete has withdrawn from the tournament the Women’s tennis Association (WTA) due to damage of the left forearm.

August 3. Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko completed his professional career. The athlete lost his last fight against Brit Anthony Joshua, and it means that revenge will not. 41-year-old Klitschko has held 69 fights in which he won 64 of victory (53 Ko) and suffered five defeats.

August 3. Indonesian volcano Sinabung began spewing out lava flows, releasing clouds of ash and hot smoke to a height of more than four kilometers. In 2010, he was again active after 400 years of “hibernation”.

4 Aug. Striker Brazil football Neymar has moved to PSG. Forward bought his contract from Barcelona for a record in the history of football € 222 million

4 Aug. Annual horse racing on the beach of the Spanish town of Sanlucar de Barrameda are one of the oldest in Europe. According to the legend, with the help of such competitions the fishermen of Sanlúcar decide who will first take his catch to the shelves.

Source: Reuters