Business Europe opposed the anti-Russian U.S. sanctions



The Association of European businesses (AEB) has published communiqué, which expressed dissatisfaction with the new US law on sanctions against Russia, which recently signed a us President Donald trump, losing to the decision of the Congress, said “gazety”.

The European business Association expresses its disagreement with the economic sanctions from the United States. The Association believe that business is one of the important links between States and people and the principles of free trade should not be subject to such restrictions

— from the text of the communiqué of the AEB.

The Association also appealed to the authorities of the USA, Russia and EU with a call to develop a new strategy of relations.

Urge to develop a line of conduct which would separate business from politics and to find a common, mutually acceptable solution in the spirit of peace and harmony

— excerpt from the communiqué.

The AEB unites over 500 European companies and is the main representative of foreign investors in Russia and in the Eurasian economic Union (EEU).

Medvedev described the Declaration of a trade war Russia with new sanctions US law

We will remind that the law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions” proposed by Congressman Edward Royce and seconded by another Republican, Kevin McCarthy, as well as Democrats Eliot Engel and Steni Hoyer, determines the sanctions measures against the “enemies of the United States”: Iran, Russia, international terrorism, and North Korea.

A new law passed by Congress and signed by the President of the United States proposes to introduce penalties for companies and individuals who Finance or support any projects of Russian oil and gas sector, including the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

According to the Secretary of state of the United States Rex Tillerson, neither he nor President Donald trump, “not in delight” from the new anti-Russian sanctions.

The European Union is going to require the President of the United States Donald trump’s public or written assurances that new sanctions against Russia planned for the ocean will not harm the interests of European countries.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany said that they consider unacceptable, contrary to international law extraterritorial sanctions by the USA. The measures against Russia’s new law that August 2 was signed by the President, Donald trump, should not affect the interests of German business.