Why Merkel is so boring dressed

Why Merkel is so boring dressed

What is the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel, together with her husband Joachim Sauer again went to relax in Northern Italy. Paparazzi noticed that from year to year during the trip, the German Chancellor wears the same outfit. Why clothing plays a secondary role for Merkel and what is in her wardrobe, to understand “Газета.Ru”.

Your long-awaited vacation German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer is carried out in the Ortler Alps in the North of Italy. Couple resting here for the fifth year in a row, doing a kind of Nordic walking. The choice of clothes for the trip Merkel, as always, came without much enthusiasm.

Five years in a row, German Chancellor Angela Merkel wore the same clothes for summer vacation (Photo: Daily Mail Online)?#simplicity pic.twitter.com/LkMZuyVdLd

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During the download an error has occurred.Starting in 2013, year on year, while on holiday, the Chancellor wearing the same beige pants and a red shirt with a white cage.

To discuss outfits Merkel almost not accepted — she always adheres to a business dress code with minimal touches of bright shades. However, this is a manifestation of her signature style. Angel is a bright representative of the direction of power dressing (this “clothing of power”, which is a strong, powerful and independent women in leadership positions). Among the admirers of the directions are Madeleine Albright and Margaret Thatcher.

Why is it always so boring

The Merkel style was influenced by her childhood, and professional interests and mentality. The German Chancellor grew up in a conservative religious family; her father was a pastor in the Lutheran Church, the mother taught foreign languages.

Upbringing has left its mark, from an early age Merkel accustomed to modesty and restraint.

After high school, she enrolled at the faculty of physics, then worked in the Central Institute of physical chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR, and after he joined the party “Democratic breakthrough”. Devoting all free time to work, Merkel just didn’t have the time to go shopping and follow the latest trends. And why? When one is engaged in the study of quantum-chemical and statistical methods, questions about the appearance of fade into the background.

Newsnetizens discuss the “sad” Angela Merkel on otdyhala the German government spends a vacation in Northern Italy.

Taking up politics, Merkel remained far from fashion. However, it is quite forgivable — the home of the Chancellor of the women do not pay much attention to appearance, wearing baggy unattractive clothing and almost painted. Nevertheless, the Western press misses no opportunity to compare the style with outfits Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Theresa may, putting the latter in an example. But if the US and Britain occupy leading positions in the fashion industry, along with Italy and France (these countries constitute the “big four fashion weeks”), in Germany the attitude to the fashion industry quite different. Among German brands, to break into the international arena, there are only Hugo Boss and s.Oliver (one of the most conservative brands) and companies specializing in sports clothing — Adidas, Puma, Bogner.