U.S. attorney General announced “limited” freedom of speech

U.S. attorney General announced “limited” freedom of speech

The U.S. Department of justice will strengthen the fight against leaks of classified information, said attorney General Jeff sessions. Over the past six months, the Department has discovered many cases of information leakage, as for the previous three years.

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions announced the beginning of a massive campaign to counter leakages of data from the administration of Donald trump in the media. Speaking on Friday, August 4, at a briefing in the Ministry of justice, he said: “the Culture of leaks has to stop!”.

According to and Roman sessions over the past six months the Ministry of justice opened the same things on the “unauthorized disclosure of classified information,” how much for all three of the previous year. While charges were brought against four defendants, the Prosecutor General said.

Sessions also called on senior officials to professional discipline, to those with their example did not allow leaks: “We officially warn future “sources” don’t do this!” The attorney General also promised to devote more resources to investigations into leaks, in particular, to attract this new FBI Director Christopher ray.

Of particular concern to the attorney General was that the information supplied on the bypass official channels are not only media, but also against foreign enemies, which is a direct threat to US security.

We respect and will respect freedom of speech, but it is not unlimited.Jeff Sachsenburg USA

In late July, Donald trump lashed out at and Roman sessions, noting that the attorney General is making insufficient efforts to expose the authors of discharges.