The world has already spent renewable resources 2017

The world has already spent renewable resources 2017

Monitoring of the environment. According to the international research organization “global footprint network”, the date August 2 the world economy has fully used the entire contingent reserve of renewable natural resources that the planet can recover for the year.

Now the population of the Earth need 1.7 planets to meet the demand of food and other biological resources. Date of such symbolic “overshoot day” every year, shifting from the early 1970s years: in 2015 it had on August 13, 2016-8 Aug.

Researchers indicate that the cause of overshoot — too rapid and wasteful consumption of natural resources. According to the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations, 31% of food is thrown out in the world. It also reduces the ability of ecosystems to restoration against the backdrop of increasing population, growth of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Half of the planet’s surface suitable for plant life, already involved in agriculture, it goes up to 85% of the used fresh water.