The state Department responded to Medvedev’s Facebook post

Dmitry Medvedev

The state Department believes that Russia and the United States must be able to work together in areas of common interest. This was stated by the head of the press service of the Department of state Heather Nauert at a briefing for journalists. A transcript of the event posted on the website of the American foreign Ministry.

Nauert asked to comment on the post of Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in Facebook: he said that the signing by the President of the United States of a new sanctions act that affect Moscow, means the end of hope for improving bilateral relations.

As an example of successful Russian-American cooperation head of the press service of the state Department led current in the South-West of Syria truce. “Of course, our relations are at a low level, but we need to find areas for cooperation”, — said Nauert.

According to her, the hope for improved relations is always there. “We know that people make harsh statements in moments of tension,” she said.

2 August, Medvedev told Facebook about the consequences that would result from the new American law, involving the extension of sanctions against Moscow. In addition to words of hope in the publication the Prime Minister stated that Russia declared a full trade war. “Third, the administration [Donald] trump has demonstrated the complete impotence, the most humiliating handing Executive powers to the Congress,” added the Prime Minister.