The Ministry of health responded to Putin’s words about the queues to the doctors

The Ministry of health responded to Putin’s words about the queues to the doctors

The Ministry of health has published clarification on the timing of reception of patients by the doctors after President Vladimir Putin criticized the inaccessibility of medical care in Russia.

The Ministry of health has issued a clarification about the timing of the reception of patients in public clinics after criticism of Vladimir Putin, the situation with queues at the reception of patients. A message the Department has sent to RBC, and also posted on its website.

In a statement, the health Ministry also said that “clear the waiting period for health care is a guaranteed right of every patient”, which is recorded in the program of state guarantees of providing the population with free medical care.

According to the established standards for the admission of patients, the physician should take the patient to a period not exceeding 24 hours after treatment, and specialist within two weeks. Also in the next two weeks should be carried out laboratory studies and “the majority of instrumental studies”. Sophisticated diagnostic methods such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) should be conducted during the month. Planned hospitalization should also be performed not later than one month from the date of application to the clinic.

The Department believes that certain “time limit” expectations of medical care were established “based on the analysis of the real possibilities of all 85 regions of the country.”

To ensure the timely provision of medical care required health insurance organization where the patient is insured, stated in the message of Ministry of health. The Department also recommends that you contact your insurance company if the patient doesn’t know how long he has to wait for a study.

On the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the inability to timely obtain medical care without paying doctors, is a direct violation of the law. He said this during a meeting with the Governor of the Amur region Alexander Kozlov, who was assigned to deal with the complaints of residents of the region received during a Straight line on 15 June. “It’s not just you, it seems, for the country as a whole happens. Professionals need to sign up for a month, no coupons, and to pass the tests in three months. For the money ā€” at any time. It is a crime”, ā€” Putin said, handing the Governor a folder of complaints from residents.